A native of California's central valley, Heather
joined in the Bay Area art scene in 2002 after
receiving her Fine Arts Degree. She has been a
custom picture framer for more then 23 years.
Heather has a passion for the non-traditional,
for the variety and complexity of light, for
color, texture and design. These passions
come though in the frames she designs for her
clients as well as in each new piece of art she
creates. Whether expressing herself through
acrylic and oil painting, glass lamp-working,
printmaking, drawing or photography, Heather
has let creative intuition guide her work.

Heather's art is derived by her enthusiasm in
life and is expressed in whatever medium
helps translate her feelings or fits her artistic
mood. She is fortunate enough to show art
regularly in all mediums. Heather looks
forward to her next creative challenge, in
whatever form it may take.

Heather @ CreativeFramingOakland.com
Heather Piazza
Heather Piazza
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Before: Framing
feels unbalanced
and uncomfortable.
After: Reused silver
frame and created a
set that hangs
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